The Galahad Series

This is an award-winning book series about 251 extraordinary teenagers who must leave home in order to save the human race. They have only themselves to rely on -- no parents, no adults, no help of any kind. It has been called 'a must-have for teen collections everywhere' and 'a story that draws readers in from the beginning, with well-placed hooks, plenty of suspense and a strong premise.'

It's an adventure story, and many readers are quick to point out that there's a healthy dose of humor, drama, conflict, and even romance. But be warned: even though all of these elements will suck you in, it's the characters -- the strong female leader, the tempermental hearththrob, the lovesick athlete, the nosy matchmaker -- that will keep you coming back for more. So once you become completely addicted to these books and the characters who inhabit them, don't say we didn't warn you.

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The Science Behind Galahad

While the book series may be science fiction, it is definitely rooted in a whole lot of science fact. With that in mind, Dom pens a series of fun, insightful articles that takes a look behind the curtain, at the magical world of science that makes Galahad possible. Whether you're looking for material to use in a classroom setting or just something to read for fun, this is a great fit and a popular choice.

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Buy the Books

Not in on the Galahad series yet but eager to climb aboard? We've got you covered. With a recap of each book in the series and direct links to each book at all your favorite websites and bookstores, getting started with Galahad is much easier than, say, learning to Airboard.

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I Am Galahad

You may be a fan... but are you really representing Galahad? Dig a little deeper with official fan pages, downloadable goodies, in-depth character bios and plenty more. Yes, really.

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