The Mindbender Books

Disclaimer: This best-selling book series is only suitable for families, friends, clients, co-workers, kids, teens, adults, teachers, rivals, know-it-alls, mortal enemies, and people who enjoy fun things.

Get the Mindbender Books through our secure online store below, and please note that a portion of the proceeds from each Mindbender Book benefit The Big Brain Club, the non-profit foundation that provides free programs and resources to students, teachers, and parents.


The Mindbender Book, Volume 3

Just in time for the holidays, The Mindbender Book is back with an all-new edition featuring 100 more all-time favorites. Be among the first to get your hands on Volume 3!


The Mindbender Book Volume 2

The Mindbender Book, Volume 2

Back by popular demand, The Mindbender Book is back with 100 more of your favorite Mindbenders. Great for classrooms, road trips, stocking stuffers, and more!



The Mindbender Book Volume 1The Mindbender Book, Volume 1 - THE #1 BESTSELLER!

It's organized so that you can play along with friends and family -- compete to see who has the biggest brain! Proceeds benefit The Big Brain Club, so you're making an impact in your community as well.



Businesses and retailers! Contact us here to learn about discounts on Mindbender Books. They fly off of shelves, and they make a great gift for clients and employees!


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